New legislation proposes entrance fee for inbound travelers


Guam – An islandwide entrance fee may be the solution to Guam’s financial woes.

In this morning’s legislative session, Republican Senator Wil Castro and Democrat Senator Joe San Agustin proposed a bill that would charge a flat fee to incoming non-military, non-US citizen passengers. Payments collected through the Guam Guardian Tourist Enhancement Program would ensure the visitor’s medical fees on the island are paid in full, while contributing to a dedicated funding source to the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Emails from Senator Castro’s office describe the GGTEP as a win-win situation for both local residents and incoming travelers. The program is compared to Palau’s recently enacted Pristine Paradise Fee.

The bipartisan duo have high hopes. San Agustin claims the new fee could raise upwards of $75 million dollars in revenue. Castro boasts that it could enhance Guam’s position as a “high value and safe destination.” The legislation is also backed by Governor Calvo, who promises that he will sign it into law if it gets approved by the Senate.

You can view Castro and San Agustin’s proposal here.