New Lujan bill aims to oblige GovGuam pay owed COLA to retirees

Sen. Jesse Lujan

A new legislative measure that aims to force government of Guam into paying long owed COLA money to their retirees.

Bill 115-37, introduced by Republican Sen. Jesse Lujan, seeks to oblige the government of Guam to pay Cost of Living Allowance Certificates of Claim. 

Back in 2007, GovGuam retirees won a class lawsuit to receive COLA payments that had been owed to them for years. 

According to the measure, the retirement fund provided a list with over 400 COLA class retirees that remain unpaid and no further attempts were made to pay these retirees, their heirs or COLA class attorney Michael F. Phillips. 

The measure intends to settle all questions in regards to Certificates of Claim and ensure class retirees or their heirs who hold a certificate are fully compensated without further legal action.