New Measure Would Support Humatak Community Foundation


Office of The Legislative Secretary
Tina Rose Muña Barnes
Chairperson, Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Housing and Hågatña Redevelopment Authority
Vice Chairperson, Committee on Youth, Cultural Affairs, Procurement, General Government Operations and Public Broadcasting
155 Hesler Place Hagatña, Guam 96910 [Tel: 671-472-3455/6 Fax: 671-472-3400]
Hagåtña- JULY 24, 2013- A Bipartisan bill supporting the Humåtak Community Foundation has been
introduced by Senator Tommy Morrison, Senator Tina Muna Barnes, and Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz. The
Foundation was established in September 3, 2011 as a registered non-profit 501(3)c public corporation for the
people of the village of Humåtak (Umatac), for the purposes of bringing together the people of Umatac and
families near and far to safeguard and perpetuate the natural and cultural resources in the village of Humåtak.
The bill seeks to appropriate $50,000.00 from the Tourist Attraction Fund which will allow the Foundation to
also begin developing the Humåtak Heritage Village Museum (HHVM) which will serve as a community-based
effort showcasing the people and history of the village of Humåtak and its natural and cultural environment.
In introducing the bill Senator Morrison said that “I am honored that my colleagues and I have
come together to support something that will mean so much to the people of Umatac, and also to the
people of Guam. The South is rich in culture, history, and tradition, today with the introduction of this
bill we will move one step forward in insuring that this extraordinary treasure is preserved for
generations to come.” Senator Barnes said that “By investing in the rich history and culture of the
Chamorro people we are investing in Guam’s present and future as a world class tourist destination. At
the same time we are also sending a message to our own people that our history, our traditions, our
families and the way we live has deep value and should be protected”. Vice Speaker Cruz noted that “That
by investing in the Chamorro people, the indigenous people of Guam, we send a signal around the region
and around the world that Indigenous people everywhere should be respected and that their place in
society should be honored because, they connect us to our past, just as the land connects us to the spirits of
our ancestors that dwell in the natural environment; the rivers, the rocks, the forest, the streams, the
oceans – the Taotao Tano”.
The Humåtak Heritage Village Museum will be developed in partnership with the Umatac Mayor’s
Office. The museum will be located in the F. Q. Sanchez School Facility and will be managed by the Humåtak
Community Foundation and community volunteers. The School facility will be renamed the Francisco Quinata
Sanchez Humåtak Heritage Center by March 2014.
For more information please contact the Office of Senator Muña Barnes at 472-3455/6