New minority leader says change in leadership needed to support those ‘seeking higher office’

Senator Chris Duenas (file photo)

The Republican caucus in the 36th Guam Legislature has chosen Sen. Chris Duenas as its new Minority Leader.

He replaces Sen. James Moylan who was replaced by the GOP caucus on March 18.

Moylan, in his statement, hinted that there was discord within the Republican caucus in the 36th Guam Legislature, saying: “While I believe that the reasons which lead to the decision were unwarranted, I respect the will of the majority within the caucus,” Moylan said.

Duenas, in a statement of his own, implied that Moylan was going on his own. It was also hinted that the change was necessary to support Republicans interested in running for governor next year.

The lead paragraph in Duenas’s statement reads: “The Republican Senators of the 36th Guam Legislature are changing hands in leadership to allow for greater focus on collective legislative initiatives and to support those who have expressed interest in higher office.”

In the statement, Duenas said: “There is much work to be done and as the Republican minority, we fully support our party members in their goals for higher office; but we also need our leadership in the Guam Legislature to be focused on the work and issues at hand. As our aspirations, needs, and priorities evolve, we must remain focused on ensuring that we are doing what we were elected to do; serve our island and its people.”

Duenas added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Senator James “Jim” Moylan for all of his efforts to ensure that everyone has an equal footing at the table, and I want to assure our dear people of Guam that I will maintain the good work he has done.”