New MO used in meth purchase; man arrested


The Guam Police Department has arrested a 27-year-old man for possession of a schedule 2 controlled substance allegedly using a new modus operandi.

Police say that on Monday, January 4, their officers were patrolling in the Malojloj area and pulled over Ryan Jay Cruz.

GPD searched Cruz’s vehicle and found a plastic bag containing a white residue substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Cruz told police that he has been smoking “ice” for about a year now.

According to him, the last time he purchased the substance, the seller told him the ice would be inside an empty soda can by a gym. He then later retrieved the bag of meth and left cash inside the can for the seller.

He then smoked the meth.

Cruz has been charged with possession of a schedule 2 controlled substance as a third-degree felony.

He was booked and confined.