New Mural In The Works In Tumon


A 140-foot mural is currently being worked on by DSGuam – near the Blessed Diego de San Vitores Church in Tumon.

PNC’s Don Sulat has more on this story…

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In an interview with PNC’s Althea Engman – Artists Armen Karapetian and Igor Kobzev report that they were commissioned by the Guam Visitors Bureau to paint a 140 foot mural.

The mural will showcase Guam’s landmarks – such as Two lover point, and Angel Santos Memorial Park.

The duo are painting not by hand, but by machine.

Igor went on to say, that after around 10 seconds the liquid plastic should be ready for use to paint. And according to Armen, its durable, washable and not like regular paint.

Moreover, Armen reports that they were funded by GVB and the Images were also provided by them as well. The pair also report that they are hoping to do more projects here on island.

The pair – originally from Russia, say that this is also the first time tackling an art project like this, and that they started this paint business here in Guam.

As for why they started – Armen says its because they saw a lack of pictures on most of Guam’s property.

If you would like to contact DSGuam, you can message them on instagram at

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