New pet hospital opens in Hagatna


The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop a man’s dream of opening up his very own pet hospital.

Having a successful household practice in the last year and a half, Dr. Bob Hildreth, owner of The Guam Pet Hospital, came to the conclusion that if they want to expand services, they would need to develop their own facility and staff.

The new facility, which opened earlier this month, has been so successful that they had to turn away numerous clients.

The new pet hospital in Hagatna was built to decrease the stress of pets and owners by being transparent. This means allowing clients to follow their pets to the exam room and to observe everything being done, including getting goofy illustrations explaining what is wrong, why a procedure is being done, and how ailments are going to be treated.

Dr. Bob says he believes that if owners are educated, pets have a higher chance of living a longer and more sustainable life.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bob said there is a silver lining in opening his business on a tropical island like Guam, especially with his facility being so close to the beach.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to own a veterinary office and I’m now living that dream. It’s pretty nice out here. We encourage families to bring their pets down to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach… it’s a dream come true,” Dr. Bob said.