New Program Will Incentivize Ratepayers to Conserve Power


The program is called a ‘Demand Side Management Program.

Guam – GPA ratepayers could soon receive money for saving energy. The Guam Power Authority is gearing up for the launch of a website that will allow ratepayers to apply for rebates in exchange for conserving energy. 


The program is called a Demand Side Management program, which is designed to help incentivize ratepayers to conserve energy for example by using energy efficient air-conditioners, washers, and dryers, for example. And in return, GPA will offer a rebate program. The money, according to john Benavente will come from GPA’s working capital fund. A working capital fund is required by debt lenders to have GPA hold at least 1 month of cash reserves. Right now, GPA has a surplus within the capital fund. As a result they will take $1.8 million from the fund to set aside for the program. Although the details have yet to be completely ironed out, GPA says the launch should come sometime next week.


“Ratepayers have…GPA could have given $1.8 million to all ratepayers could have reduced, could have raised our rates $1.8 million. But because we want to improve the utilization of power, encourage conservation, were willing to invest some money to get people to do better management of their load, ” said Simon Sanchez, CCU Commissioner.


GPA says the website will be open on the 16 and on the 23, rebate forms should be available to the public.