New public swimming pool may be built for Agana

The Agana Pool is said to be beyond repair. (PNC file photo)

While the Dededo Pool re-opening is likely on the horizon, the Agana Pool will not be welcoming back residents anytime soon.

Roque Alcantara, the new Department of Parks and Recreation director, was on the air with K57’s Kate Baltazar-Dodge, saying there’s a possibility of a whole new pool altogether, as opposed to repairing the existing Agana facility.

He says a planning meeting is set for next Friday, August 7th since the Agana swimming pool would end up running the government a deficit with little economic benefit from repairing it.

Ultimately, he says the decision is up to the governor’s office.

Alcantara says the Dededo Pool, however, could be opening in a few months.

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“I’ve gone out with an RFP to repair the Dededo pool. So that will be worked on shortly and hopefully, we can get the pool in Dededo while the Governor’s office decides on the status of the Agana pool,” Alcantara said.

Alcantara says they’re still looking at how they’ll implement COVID-19 safety procedures when the Dededo pool reopens.