New quarantine hotel has $159 per room price tag

The 30-day contract has been awarded to the Dusit Beach Resort, formerly known as the Outrigger.

GovGuam has consolidated all of its quarantining efforts into one hotel with a hefty price tag.

The 30-day contract has been awarded to the Dusit Beach Resort, formerly known as the Outrigger.

Guam Homeland Security Administrator, Charles Esteves, confirmed with PNC News that GovGuam agreed to pay $159 per occupied room, per day, guaranteeing the hotel 300 rooms minimum.

If the room is unoccupied, the rate drops to $120 per room.

So, in a best-case scenario, if all 300 rooms are empty, GovGuam is on the hook for a little over $1 million and if all 300 rooms are full, then it’s closer to $1.5 million for the 30-day contract.

That $159 covers however many people are quarantining in the room; whether it’s one person or a family of four.

The Dusit Beach Resort (not the Dusit Thani) also allows the government to use up to 600 rooms if needed, meaning the price tag can increase significantly.

On the air with K57 this morning, the Governor said the move is the most efficient for quarantining operations:

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“As you know, they were also one of the hotels that house the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the protocol used for the TR were our protocols. So it just works great I think because they have already gone through that experience so they know what it’s about. And the staff is very sensitive in making sure sanitation is occurring, sanitizers are being used, the way the food is delivered, the way laundry is picked up…everything is just making sure that there really is no face-to-face interaction with the civilian,” Leon Guerrero said.

Included in that price are 3 meals per day, laundry service and health case-management by the hotel.

This contract is slightly more than the previous ones: The Wyndham was $110 per room, while the Bayview and Oceanview came with a $140 price tag.

Those hotels were guaranteed a minimum amount of rooms as well.