New Scoping Meetings / EIS Unrelated to Buildup


Guam – A new series of scoping meetings for a new environmental impact statement for Marianas island training and testing are underway as we speak until 8pm at the University of Guam Fieldhouse. this new EIS and the new scoping meetings are unrelated to the military buildup.


  Scoping meetings are part of the initial stages of an Environmental Impact Statement. The purpose of a scoping meeting is to have the public identity and recommend community concerns and issues that the public feels should be analyzed in the EIS. This EIS will study the potential environmental effects associated with military training including things like the use of active sonar and explosives in the Marianas Islands Training and Testing study area. This does not have to do with any new ranges but rather the existing ranges and areas where the military currently conducts training within the Marianas. “It’s Tinian, the northern two thirds of Tinian that’s a U.S. lease for a hundred years, it’s Farallon de Mendinilla the bombing range at FDM up north of Saipan, it’s the military owned bases on the island and the big piece of this is the high seas and airspace outside of twelve nautical miles where the military the Navy in particular has to train for it’s deep water mission,” said HDR Environmental Vice-President Edward Lynch. There will be four more open house public scoping meetings. Tomorrow at Southern high school from 5pm to 8pm, Monday the 26th in Saipan’s multi-purpose center in Susupe, Tuesday in the Tinian high school cafeteria, and Thursday in Rota at the Sinapalo elementary school cafeteria.