“Guam Regional Medical City” Hospital on Track for 2014 Opening


Guam – The Guam Health Care and Development foundation has announced that Guam should have a new state of the art private hospital called the “Guam Regional Medical City”. President Peter Sgro says $80 million has already been committed by  a group of Manila investors. The total cost will be about $198 million.

Sgro argues that Guam loses about $80 million dollars a year when patients go off island for health care, that’s according the Peter Sgro. Sgro is the president and chairman for the Guam Health Care and development foundation that is orchestrating Guam’s new private hospital. Sgro says when people leave island it isn’t a health care issue its also a significant economic issue. Sgro says the hospital developers, the investment banking firm and the hospital consultants from the mainland would like to see that most of that money stay within our community.

Sgro says that money that can be taxed and help grow our economy. Approximately 315 patients leave our island every month and we are trying to keep about 65% – 70% of those patients on island. And that money will stay on Guam.

Sgro says last week the Board of Directors from the Medical City in Manila, unanimously voted to invest $80 million dollars in to Guam’s new hospital.

According to Sgro, the total cost of the project for phase one has grown. We increased our beds from 100 to 130. Our Medical park will be attached to the hospital and the doctor will be able to walk from their office to the hospital. The total cost for this new hospital is 198 million dollars.

 Sgro says 80 million dollars will come from the Medical City and a bank has been identified and approved for the remaining 118 million dollar balance. The state of the art hospital will be located on the corner of rt 1 and 3 near the Micronesian mall. Sgro says a lot of the equipment that it will have doesn’t exist Guam and it will have an electrical medical records system. This system will be linked with public health clinics and the GMH. The hospital will also offer new jobs.

Sgro says from an economic stand point the hospital will offer close to 500 jobs to the community and that includes medical staff.

Sgro adds that the recruitment process for Physicians has to be a year before you design the hospital.

He says ,”We have definitely started talk to local physicians. We are also looking at the physicians from medical programs at Stanford, Pittsburgh and Cleveland Clinic.

Sgro also points out that part of the overall plan will also includes a medical tourism component. He says the Guam Visitors Bureau has been trying to attract the older Japanese and Korean tourist because they have more money to spend on Guam.

Sgro says in all the research they have done, the number one thing the older tourist look at when they travel to a foreign destination is health care and public safety.

Sgro says the new hospital will have Korea and Japanese U.S. Board certified doctors in their rotation to help their foreign visitors. Sgro hopes that the grand opening 2will take place in Jan 2014.