New murder trial date set for Torre


The Mark Torre Jr. murder trial date has been set for Jan. 30, 2017.

Guam – Former police officer, Mark Torre Jr., was back in court today where a new trial date was set. This is now the third time that Judge Michael Bordallo set a trial date in the case. The first was set for June of this year, but was postponed to October. However, because not everything has been finalized in the case, Judge Bordallo set the date for Jan. 30.


A few things have already been finalized. The prosecution has their evidence list, and the parties have been asked to prepare a questionnaire for hundreds of potential jurors.

Because there will be over a hundred witnesses in this high-profile case, Judge Bordallo is anticipating a time frame of two weeks for jury selection, beginning Jan. 18.

According to Chief Prosecutor, Phil Tydingco, the pre-trial conference set for Nov. 18 will cover “the status of the defense, what evidence that they’re going to plan to test so that doesn’t interfere or cause any delay.”

Judge Bordallo also says he still needs to review the motion to compel discovery, filed by the defense to access hard drives containing body camera footage recorded during the night of the incident by key witness, Officer John Edwards. The pre-trial conference will be held on Friday, Nov. 18 at 9 a.m. when Judge Bordallo says he will have a decision on the motion. 

Torre is facing murder charges in the shooting death of fellow police officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo in July of 2015. Court documents state that Torre shot Piolo in a drunken rage after a night out. Piolo managed to call 911 and even identify his alleged killer. However, he died a few hours later at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Torre has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, aggravated assault and manslaughter. The prosecution says they are in the process of contracting a forensic expert to analyze the psychological findings for Torre.

Again, Torre’s trial has been set for Jan. 30, 2017.