New Year’s Celebration: 3,000 Fireworks To Light Up Tumon’s Sky


Guam – A holiday tradition continues on New Year’s Eve as Guam rings in 2011. Over 3000 fireworks are expected to ignite and light up the night sky over Tumon.


The Tradition of having fireworks at Ypao Beach to ring in the new year has been going on for decades. This New Year’s Eve fireworks show is funded by donations from members and business that make up the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association. In previous years, G.H.R.A. would offer two fireworks shows at two different locations. Besides Ypao Beach, the other location would either be at Agana or at East Agana Bay where the other hotels are at. But this year the Association will only offer one show.

Torre says, “This year we were able to fund raise enough to have one show at Governor Flores Memorial Beach Park, which is also known as Ypao Beach Park. Usually there’s another showing where the Sheraton is ay because they do a private showing there, as well as Leo Palace.”

For Years, Fireworks Production Incorporated , a company from Maryland, has been working with a local family to produce Fireworks Shows throughout the island.

Torre says, “It’s the Salas family. When Mr. Salas past away a few years ago, this company had a relationship with the family and already agreed to come in and continue to take on the project, year to year with all the organizations that put together the fireworks, including the Government of Guam as well as the military.

If you are a fireworks buff, This years show to bring in 2011 will last between 18 to 20 minutes and will have about 3000 shells. Torre says they want to have a high impact and high volume in a short amount of time. So where would be the best vantage point to see the night sky light up with showers of brilliant colors and hear the loud thunderous explosions during this pyrotechnic celebration.

According to Torre, What is great about Tumon is that Tumon can be viewed from within the Tamuning Tumon area, but also from Barrigada Heights and sometimes Sinajana, depending on where you live and how high you are.

But there is one place you will not be able to view the fireworks show, that will be Ypao Beach Park. Torre says in order to secure the fireworks and for safety reasons, Ypao Beach Park will be closed from now until January 1st at 8am. She says the Guam Fire Department and a private security company will be on hand to protect people from harms way and to secure the beach.