Newly Paved Alageta St. Needs Repairs


GWA Owes Repairs for Alageta St. 

Guam – Residents have called the PNC studios complaining about a recently repaved road that already has a couple of bad spots.


 The Alageta Street in Macheche Dededo was recently repaved but apparently the Guam Waterworks Authority tore up parts of the street to conduct some repairs. They didn’t patch up the road properly and have not returned the street to it’s original condition. Department of Public Works Director Carl Dominguez says GWA only does temporary repairs and hires private contractors to do permanent repairs. Dominguez says GWA is also required to get a permit from DPW whenever they do an excavation. “Our inspectors will go out and make sure that the excavation is repaired properly if not they are subject to a five thousand dollar fine and you either pay the five thousand or just go ahead and get it fixed properly,” said Dominguez. The DPW Director says that they have levied fines against GWA before.