Newly renovated Agana Pool shut down again for “maintenance”


“It seems like every two or three weeks, the pool starts getting green and they got to close it for the next couple of days,” laments water polo athlete David Pexa.

Guam – The Agana swimming pool has been a community staple for the island and remains as one of the few pools available for public access.

For individuals like David Pexa, a local water polo athlete, the Agana swimming pool is his only resource.

“I go and I work out and do water polo three nights a week,” Pexa explains. “I also had been going [to the Agana swimming pool] since I was a kid.”

He’s not alone. Pexa says there’s an elderly community that utilizes the senior aquatics programs, as well dive companies for training and dive certification, lifeguards for lifeguard training, and even the conservation police officers for their water training.

Pexa noticed the pool’s closure earlier this week, but he says it’s remained closed ever since.

“[The pool] started going green on Sunday. They didn’t get it fixed on Monday. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday –that’s a lot of time,” he quipped. “It’s just regular maintenance. It should be pretty procedural as far as keeping things in working order, so I don’t know what the problem is.”

The water polo athlete tells PNC that the pool is regularly closed on Monday for maintenance, only this time he says the number of maintenance days has been growing.

“It’s been going on like this for the last couple of months. It seems like every two or three weeks, the pool starts getting green and they got to close it for the next couple of days,” Pexa said.

Pexa says he’s been going to the pool since he was five years old. And to see the state and condition that the pool is currently in is disheartening. The water polo athlete adds that his club was not even informed of the latest closure.

“I didn’t see any notices. I don’t know if they have a Facebook page and I’m not a part of it. If I ever get a notice outside, it’s from a friend. It’s nothing the pool, other than they hang their sign that says pool closed,” he laments. “I think probably what they need, like the pump is going out or they are short on chemicals or they’re not getting the funding or the purchase orders. But there haven’t been any extensive renovations.”

He says the water polo club that he’s a part of recently helped with the maintenance of the surrounding lawn which he claims was “years overgrown.”

“There is not a whole lot of pools big enough to do [water polo]. So, I don’t know what we’ll have to do. I’ll have to completely change my exercise regimen and my hobbies. There’s a whole bunch of us that rely on that pool beyond just my club,” Pexa says.

The Agana pool maintenance division did not immediately return our calls as of news time.