Next Week is Declared A.B. Won Pat International Airport Week at the Proclamation Signing this Morning


Guam – Airport employees and staff joined Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio in declaring January 10 – January 17 A.B. Won Pat International Airport Week.

The proclamation signing was held at Adelup this morning. Airport week aims to recognize the employees of the airport, celebrate achievements made by the airport and for the island to support efforts to enhance and grow the airport’s operations. 

During the ceremony, Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio expressed his pride on the airport. “I’ve been to many airports at Lieutenant Governor and I have to tell you I’m proud of our Airport Authority. You guys are making big investments in the improvement of the infrastructure, on upgrading the facilities as well as great amount of marketing taking place to show that we’re a fantastic place and our airport is very accommodating,” said Tenorio.

Guam International Airport Authority Board Chairman Ed Untalan congratulated the employees and reassured the board’s support. Untalan said, “We’re here to provide support to our stakeholders, for the tour agencies. Most importantly we’re here to provide support to the employees and staff because they’re the ones who make it happen. So on behalf of the board of directors I congratulate everyone for everything that you all do and we’re here to support you.”  

The Airport Authority marketing team also unveiled a newly, redesigned logo at the Proclamation Signing.