NMC Board of Regents Calls Faculty No-Confidence Vote Invalid


CNMI – The Board of Regents ruled that the no-confidence vote issued by faculty members against Northern Marianas College president Sharon Hart was invalid because the faculty assembly had no quorum when it held the vote.

The Saipan Tribune reports that BOR chair Juan Lizama said the Dec. 14 no confidence vote was based on the total number of faculty employees at the college, which the faculty thought was 55 but the college human resources department said the number is actually 61.

Only 27 individuals were present during the no confidence vote but to meet the quorum, Lizama said the faculty should’ve had 29 members.

However, faculty members said the 61 total number of faculties is littered with duplicates and names of faculty that already resigned.

After a lengthy discussion on what actually constituted a quorum, the board allowed the faculty to reconfirm the meeting attendance and report back to the board in 10 days.

If no changes are reported, the board’s determination that the no-confidence vote is invalid will stand.