NMC EAD Unit Guam Joins Sister Village to Honor Fallen Service Members


Talofofo, Guam – (May 27) – Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division (NMC EAD) Unit Guam partnered with their sister village of Talofofo to honor fallen service members at a Memorial Day service May 24.

Command Sailors helped lay wreaths and candles in front of a memorial monument to honor those who died defending the nation.

“Let us remember Talofofo’s sons and all those in uniform today who continue to serve so that future generations can live in peace, prosperity and freedom,” said Cmdr. Bart Hall, NMC EAD Unit Guam commanding officer. “We must also remember those that continue to serve our country in warzones around the world. Every day they do their duty (and) I am humbled by their dedication and commitment.”  

Talofofo Mayor Vicente Taitague offered his gratitude to the fallen heroes and their families for their service and sacrifice.  

“We often hear that freedom has a price, that each generation pays its dues,” he said. “Today is our day to say ‘thank you’ and ‘Si Yu’os Ma’ase’ to those generations who paid the bills and to those who paid dearly with their lives.”

Gunner’s Mate Seaman Apprentice Aaron Peterson said he was glad to volunteer for the event as it gave Sailors the opportunity to pay homage to fellow service members and work with their sister village.

“We enjoy opportunities like this to get out with the command and intermingle and to honor those who have gone before us,” he said.

NMC EAD Unit Guam maintains close ties with the residents of Talofofo and have partnered with them in the past to provide volunteer tutoring and mentorship of public school students, maintenance and cleanups at schools and participation in holiday celebrations.