No discussion on primary election bills; public hearing scheduled instead

The two primary election bills which originally prompted today's emergency session were not debated.

There was no big emergency at the emergency session called today at the Legislature.

Sen. Kelly Marsh’s absentee voting bill was brought to the floor this morning, but senators then adjourned until 2 p.m. to allow everyone to get a chance to review it.

When they reconvened, her bill ended up being set aside to allow the Guam Election Commission to provide more input.

The two primary election bills which originally prompted today’s emergency session were not debated.

Bill 375 was introduced by senators James Moylan and Therese Terlaje. It would cancel the primary altogether.

Sen. San Agustin’s Bill 374 would only cancel the uncontested primary races.

Both bills have now been set for a public hearing next Tuesday.

Sen. James Moylan said that’s okay with him.

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“Yes. I would actually prefer to have a public hearing. It’s important that as many bills as possible do get a public hearing to listen to the people’s comments. I will be willing to have a public hearing on Bill 375 and it looks like Sen. San Agustin as well on 374,” Moylan said.

Following next Tuesday’s public hearing on those two primary election bills, the emergency session will reconvene the next day, on Wednesday.