VIDEO: No Legal Action Taken As Judiciary and DOA Discuss Allotment Dispute


Guam – As the Department of Administration and the Judiciary of Guam work out their differences in a dispute over court allotments, Judiciary Spokesman Josh Tenorio says no legal action will be taken on the matter at this time.

Court Administrator Perry Taitano threatened to file a Writ of Mandate in a letter to DOA Director Benita Manglona last week where Taitano accused DOA of owing the courts more than $3.5 Million in allotments. Manglona disputes the claim and says the courts calculations are based on draft revenue reports.

In her written response to Taitano this week Manglona pointed out that DOA even deposited $1,398,418 into the account ahead of schedule.

The judiciary remains in disagreement with DOA but Tenorio says accountants from both parties are meeting to compare their calculations.

“Because the director has started dialogue with us we are try to do our due diligence and take a look at what the rational is behind their numbers,” Tenorio told PNC. “I expect that on Monday we’ll get a better sense about where we are., our administrator and the Director of Administration would have met, our fiscal teams would have explained each sides and the rational and I believe it will be clearer next week what we’ll be doing.”

Tenorio said legal action would not be taken Friday because the open dialogue was underway.

“Both sides want to stay out of court,” Tenorio said. “In the end if the court action is needed to make sure that the Judiciary’s allotments are transmitted accordingly, then we’re willing to take that action.”