DOE Will Shut Down On 9/11 Unless It Gets $8 Million


Guam – The Department of Education is projecting a shortfall of a little more than 8 million dollars. If the Agency doesn’t get these funds, the schools could be forced to shut down.


According DOE superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood, if the agency doesn’t receive these funds, the public schools may be forced to close their doors.
Underwood says the funds they are requesting will be used to pay teachers salaries and this will carry them to the end of the fiscal year.  
She also says we need to ensure that DOE can certify these funds by September 11th. And what will happen if funds are not secured by September 11th?

Underwood says, if we dont have these funds certified by September 11, then we will need to shut DOE down.

According to Underwood, DOE knows that the government is short of cash, but she is not requesting any more funds that have already been appropriated and promised to her department.

This past July,  DOE requested for a draw down of  $10 million dollars in DOE’s “reserve” and “facilities” funds to get it through the rest of this fiscal year, which ends on September 30th, but  they were denied by Bureau of Budget and Management Research [BBMR].

Underwood says, “We can’t have employees work and not be compensated for their work. We cant certify that they will get paid and we need to have the cash in place.”

Underwood says she is hoping to tap into another set of funds. The Job Funds which could provide $20 million to GovGuam agency’s
According to Underwood the deadline for the application for these federal funds is September 9th and the Governor’s office is currently at getting these funds