No more leaks: Project upgrades LBJ school canopies

(PNC photo)

Guam – Around 80 percent of Guam’s elementary schools were opened more than four decades ago. Because of years of heavy rains, severe storms, and age, certain facilities may need a touch up to ensure that they are abiding by federal standards.

Students of Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School will no longer have to worry about water leaking onto them during recess, thanks to a project that will repair the campus’ deteriorated canopies.

The project, which cost almost $500,000 was done in response to an assessment conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers along with the Department of Interior. The assessment reported over $90 million worth of deferred maintenance requirements across the school system.

According to Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez, the repairs faced some delay due to a shortage in labor. However, GDOE was able to secure JRN AC Corporation as the contractor for the project. JRN AC has worked with many schools before.

Fernandez said that the canopies will be concrete and are designed to be long lasting.

“We’re really glad that it’s going. We’ll take care of this this summer and by the start of the school year, the canopies should be repaired and the kids should guaranteed be able to have safe passage in the different parts of the school,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez said that this project is one of several school improvement projects that GDOE will implement.