No movement on contract to upgrade public swimming pools

The Agana Pool is said to be beyond repair. (PNC file photo)

There is no movement yet with the contract to repair or upgrade the island’s public pools, according to officials.

The legislature held a virtual oversight hearing for the Department of Parks and Recreation this week and one of the topics discussed was the status of the Dededo pool repair project, the Agana pool maintenance contract, and other improvement projects implemented by the department.

Concerns about the flawed contract for the maintenance of the Agana pool were also raised by park officials and sports representatives during the oversight hearing as well as the possibility of building a replacement for the Agana pool.

In February, DPR terminated its agreement with Canton Construction Corp., the private contractor paid to maintain the pool operations at the Agana and Dededo Pools.

The termination comes after a series of unscheduled pool closures at both pool locations.

Meanwhile, it’s been three weeks since DPR submitted a request for a contract to repair and maintain the Dededo pool to GSA, according to Roque Alcantara, Department of Parks and Recreation Director. But so far, GSA has yet to issue an order for the project.

Alcantara says the request was submitted early August.

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“When we had the site visit at the Dededo pool, there were 5 contractors that showed interest in repairing the pool. Those were actually sent out to GSA. The repair also includes the maintenance of the pool,” Alcantara says.

Alcantara also provided updates on the status of the Paseo stadium lighting project. He says the stadium has been lights out for three years. But a contractor is now working to install and replace the stadium’s 54 light fixtures and 66 bulbs. He expects the installation to be done in a matter of weeks.

Park officials also provided updates on the plans to install security cameras in some parks and public spaces and other infrastructure projects funded by DOI funds.