No new COVID-positive cases from A-Class and Tsubaki clusters

DPHSS is offering free COVID-19 testing to those who may have been exposed to the latest COVID clusters. (PNC photo)

There are no new positive cases of COVID-19 from the A-Class Lounge and The Tsubaki Tower COVID clusters as of Friday, April 30.

According to Chima Mbakwem, the acting chief public health officer, out of the total 14 people earlier identified as COVID positive cases in the A-Class cluster, eight have cleared isolation and six are still in active isolation, while one is currently in the hospital.

“We have no new contacts, and the last release date for those in quarantine was on the 24th of April, which has already passed,” Mbakwem said.

For the Tsubaki cluster, Mbakwem said they have also not identified any new cases. Out of the eight earlier cases identified, six were employees while two were patrons. Public Health also does not have any new close contacts identified.

“We have 60 of the workplace contacts still in quarantine that will be released next week, but currently we have tested 162 contacts from the Tsubaki cluster. We still have 381 people that are yet to be tested from the north,” Mbakwem said.

He added: “This is still an ongoing investigation. We’re still having repeat interviews with contacts and close contacts to still continue digging to see if we can find any new cases. So this is still an active case for Public Health.”


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