No progress on animal abuse cases

A recent animal attack left a neighborhood dog dead in Yigo.

There’s still no movement on two separate horrific animal abuse cases that left two dogs dead on island.

First was the case of a friendly neighborhood stray in Yigo named Walter, whose neck was allegedly slashed by an active duty military member living in the area.

Cyrus Luhr, the president of the GAIN board, says there’s no update from the military side of the investigation. GPD has finished collecting information from the public, but they’re still awaiting the conclusions there.

Then, more recently, a dog was found strapped down to a rock and drowned off the waters near Route 4 in Talofofo.

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Luhr says there’s currently a $3,000 reward in that case but it could be increasing shortly.

“With regard to that dog in Talofofo, we’re still asking the public…if anybody has any information about the purposeful drowning of what we believe was a 10-lb terrier. It was a very fancy dog…this is definitely not a random stray. We don’t know why anyone would use rope and duct tape in order to drown, purposely drown a dog. And if they did this once…this is just the kind of incident that’s a big red flag,” Luhr said.

If you have any information on either case you’re asked to call GAIN, GPD, or Crimestoppers.

GAIN is also still trying to identify a thief from a weekend robbery at their shelter. There’s a $1,000 reward in that case for any information leading to an arrest.