No Trace of Radiation on Global Hawk Aircraft


Guam – Andersen Air Force Base bio-environmental specialists have detected no trace of radiation on Global Hawk aircraft returning here from relief efforts over Japan.

The Andersen-based RQ-4 Global Hawk is flying ongoing missions to assist the government of Japan in relief and recovery efforts.

Guam Senator Judi Guthertz suggested Sunday that the aircraft be checked for possible exposure to radiation.

In a release Monday,  , Global Hawk detachment commander Lt. Col. Brandon Baker states:

“We have detected no trace of radiation following the Global Hawk’s missions over Japan. We have measures in place to ensure the aircraft is clean upon return. Protecting the ground crews, the base population and the entire island community remains our top priority.”

The Global Hawk operates at high altitudes and has not been exposed to any detectable amount of alpha, beta, or gamma radiation.