It’s always been said, ACADEMY does it better! LAST NIGHT it was the LADY GECKOS doing all things better, they faced off for the championship at The UOG Field House.


Definitely a championship atmosphere at UOG Field House. The top ranked Academy Cougars were set to challenge the GW Geckos, (don’t, you wish you were one?) The Cougars come out in the first set the aggressors. #25 Cyndi Scott get some crucial blocks up front. That takes the loud GW crowd of the equation and the Cougars run away with the first set 25 -15. Geckos though, just getting comfortable…2nd set they set in a take action, they get the jump on academy’s defense. G-Dub, let the cougars hang around but only for a minute they pull out set 2. 3rd set, George Washington came out firing get a couple of serve aces to start, they run the score to 5-0 to start. Academy living by the words of Li’l Kim, can’t hold us down. They do their best to claw back BUT in the end GW is too much they lose so now, we go to the 4th set. If GW wins they are CHAMPS and they KNOW it, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel Lady Geckos lock in a battle the cougars. GW able to find all kinds of holes, in the Cougars D. They capitalize on Academy’s miscues. George Washington wins in the end. 3 sets to 1. THEY ARE YOUR 2014 IIAAG VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS!