“Nobody died,” says armed gunman as he begs for a reduced sentence


Guam – Fifteen years is apparently too much time to serve as the armed gunman from the Luckyland game room robbery is backing out of his plea agreement at the last minute.

Instead of taking the plea he’d allegedly already accepted, he’s now trying to wheel and deal for a better offer from the government.

According to court documents, in May, the gun wielding masked man Jeremy Evaristo entered the game room with the intent to make off with the money. And that he did, miraculously without causing injury to the visibly shaken cashier as he fired three shots into the small space in an effort to force the attendant to open the door.

Now, Evaristo is asking the government to find it in their hearts to give him a second chance. In court today, Evaristo, who was supposed to be entering a plea agreement with the government, instead pleaded for mercy from the government to give him a better offer and by better he means a shorter sentence, stating, “like I said, nobody is dead in this matter and I didn’t do it to kill anybody.”

The current plea agreement stipulates that Evaristo is to serve 15 years in prison, but it appears the thought of 15 years behind bars is too much for the gunman to accept. He told Superior Court Judge Elyze Iriarte that the reason he signed the deal was so that he could have the opportunity to speak openly in court and to hear from the government’s mouth over whether or not they would consider reducing the sentence to 10 years.

Despite the gun clearly being in Evaristo’s hand caught on surveillance footage, he argued that it is not right for him to serve 15 years, pointing out that his “crime partner” Jesse Delgado was only going to serve 6 years for the same crime. Delgado, however, was not charged with attempted murder.

Evaristo repeatedly begged the government to find it in their hearts to give him a second chance, blaming his actions on his drug addiction and the need for treatment.

“It’s my fault I’m here but people do change with the right treatment,” Evaristo said.

But is it all smoke and mirrors? According to court documents, Evaristo made similar statements before Judge Michael Bordallo when he requested to be released in a separate case. He was granted pre-trial release last year and, according to officials, went guns blaring into Luckyland Game Room in May.

The prosecution, meanwhile, noted that they will not be making any promises, only stating that they would hear out Evaristo while making it clear that it was unlikely the already reduced prison sentence would be lowered any further.

Evaristo signed a waiver to a speedy trial, vacating the start of trial on Monday. He told the court that he does not want to go to trial and prefers to take a plea for ten years imprisonment.

His next hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 5.

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Jolene Toves
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