Northern health center offers free testing to COVID clusters

Margarita Gay, of the DPHSS Nursing Resource Command, spoke to PNC about the testing. (PNC photo)

Following the spike in COVID-19 cases during the past few days and the identification of COVID clusters in the community, the Department of Public Health and Social Services mobilized testing services today and tomorrow at the DPHSS Northern Community Health Center.

Through contact tracing by Public Health, two COVID clusters have been identified. The first was a basketball gathering at a Dededo residence on April 3 that led to an Easter gathering at a Yigo residence on April 4 and a gathering at the A-Class karaoke lounge in Upper Tumon.

The second cluster was a birthday party at a private residence on April 19 where three tested positive for COVID-19.

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All three COVID-19 positive cases are employees of Tsubaki Tower which led to the temporary closure of two restaurants in that hotel.

In response, the Public Health Northern Region Community Health Center offered free COVID-19 testing today and Saturday to staff and patrons who were at A-CLASS Lounge on or after April 7 or the Tsubaki Tower between April 14 to 18.

Margarita Gay, of the DPHSS Nursing Resource Command, spoke to PNC about the testing.

“We are doing extended testing because of all the related cases and contacts and anybody that’s concerned to get tested. So we opened our northern region swabbing outreach from 9 to 3 for these clients,” Gay said.

According to Gay, there was a constant flow of people who are getting tested at the Northern Community Health Center.

“For the first two hours after opening, we saw around 160 clients and we are averaging over 60 an hour. As of now, I don’t know the total…but for the first two hours, we had about 160,” Gay said.

According to Gay, those who got tested today can expect results in 24 to 48 hours. She says Public Health will call them as soon results are in.