Not Everyone is Happy With Agat Marina Improvements


Joe San Nicolas says “B” dock still in dire need of repairs. Mr. San Nicolas is also concerned about the safety of the Agat Marina.

Guam – Meanwhile not everyone at today’s ribbon cutting was happy with the brand new “D” dock at the Agat marina.


 Joe San Nicolas owns a boat at the marina and although he’s happy with the repairs of the other docks he’s upset that dock B was not repaired. He says that Dock B is meant for the smaller boats. Aside from Dock B San Nicolas says he’s concerned about the safety of the entire marina. “This is supposed to be all the way here put a cycle fence here all the way to the corner and put a gate right here put a gate right there so you got the key open it up and close it,” said San Nicolas adding, “We need lights not facing the parking lot we need a light to face at the boat.”


 Port GM Joanne Brown says that it was difficult enough to find and appropriate funding towards the construction of the new docks at the marina considering that the usage fees at the marina does not generate enough money to maintain and operate the marina. Brown says that the $1.5 million used for it’s renovations could have been put to much better use to purchase much needed equipment for the port.