Now is the Time to Act: Delegate Moylan Brings Up Guam’s Issues to the Table

Delegate Moylan
Delegate Moylan selected for subcommittees

Delegate James Moylan is saying now is the time to act with the military buildup and other issues pertaining to the Island. 

Following last night’s state of the island address, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said she is looking to work with Delegate Moylan to help bring economic recovery to Guam.

In an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Delegate Moylan said he is looking out for ways to aid with the economic recovery and the continued military buildup. 

“So we’re trying to use our leverage to help the residents of Guam, at the same time, working with the military to do things properly. Whether it be education, whether it be medical treatment or the buildup of Guam so now is the time to bring interest.”

Adding that it’s critical to bring up to the table all these topics now, to start conversation, because the Federal Fiscal Year 2024 budget is forthcoming.  

The reason why he sent a letter both to the Department of Defense regarding DODEA and GDOE schools as well as to president Joe Biden regarding pressing issues the FY 2024 budget should address.  

“We have an opportunity now, we are using this I could say a little bit like leverage, right. We have a huge buildup coming to Guam and our proposal to the Department of Defense is just to come up, let’s have a discussion.”

Delegate Moylan continued to make his intention clear saying that the important thing is bringing up relevant matters to the table.

“If they don’t go 100% maybe they go 10%, but at least we asked. So that was part of the discussion. We are not saying make it happen tomorrow, we are not saying don’t build your own schools, we are just saying come down to the table let’s see what we could discuss and we could come up with.”

Moylan is working with other congressional committees to find solutions for Guam. He said they’re showing members of Congress how far the island is from Hawaii and the mainland, in order for them to gain understanding why there’s a need to remove barriers and restrictions to fair trade and H-2B workers.