NPS: Section of Asan Park Will Be Closed Because of Continued Threat From the Invasive “Little Fire Ant”


Guam – The National Park Service has annoucned that due to the presence of the invasive Little Fire Ant, War in the Pacific National Historical Park will close a section of park property along Asan Beach, across Marine Corps Drive from Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


This closure was implemented to reduce the health risk to the public from contact with the Little Fire Ant, and to reduce the possibility of spreading the Little Fire Ant to other areas of the park or island.  

To avoid exposure to fire ant bites, people should not enter the marked quarantine area at any time.  The closed area is within property owned by War in the Pacific National Historical Park (WAPA Tract # 102-19), including areas of Asan lot numbers 311-REM and 310-REM (please see attached map).  In addition, to prevent spreading the pest, removal of fruit, plants, or any natural material from within the closed area is prohibited until further notice.  Fishing and removal of fruit for personal use outside of the closed area, however, is permitted.

According to Superintendent Jim Richardson, “Exposure to people and removal of fruits or plants could spread the ants to other parts of the park or island.  This is a serious island-wide threat and we will implement a three part eradication plan.”

Whenever little fire ants are discovered within park property, biological technicians will initiate a three part eradication plan consisting of closing and fencing off the area, applying pesticides, and conducting regular monitoring until the ants are fully exterminated.   This process could take up to a year.  

First discovered on Guam in 2011, the invasive Little Fire Ant has devastated parts of Hawaii and proven very challenging to eradicate.