Number of COVID patients at GMH continues to drop; elective surgeries resume

Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

Guam Memorial Hospital is planning to open up two operating rooms for elective surgeries as the number of COVID patients at the hospital continues to drop.

Lillian Perez-Posadas, the GMH administrator, says they’re working with their surgeons now to see who can be accommodated and when.

She says with the COVID census continuing to drop at the hospital, traveling medical staff will now focus mostly on staffing COVID patient areas, allowing O-R nurses who were moved around to return to their original duties for surgeries.

Perez-Posadas says even with this staffing solution, they’re still working through logistics.

“We continue to do emergency surgeries, so we already have that [COVID-precaution process] in place. But for elective surgeries, we need to make sure we have the beds in medical surgical areas. Because we converted the third-floor medical-surgical into a COVID unit so we don’t really have many beds to accommodate post-surgeries,” Perez-Posadas said.

GMH suspended elective surgeries again when the COVID cases surged in August.
Perez-Posadas says it’s not yet clear how backed up they are for operations or how soon they can get to them all.