Nurses, thermal scanners now deployed as airport starts screening passengers

Scanning at the Guam airport (PNC file photo)

The Guam airport, with Public Health-certified nurse assistants, has started the screening of departing and arriving passengers.

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Airport officials are making changes aimed at reducing the potential for what’s called community transmission with the addition of thermal cameras, which will be operated by trained CNAs from the Department of Public Health and Social Services. Passengers are staged for 100% screenings for body temperature.

John Quinata, deputy executive manager of the Guam International Airport Authority, said: “The thermal imagery scanners, what they do is they take heat measurements. So, based on the heat the individual is protruding out, if it determines that their level of temperature is elevated, that’s when the nurses will take them to the side for further assessment.”

Currently, Guam has about 24 flights per day, which translates to approximately 3600 inbound and outbound passengers, a daily quota Public Health and its CNAs think they can fully staff and handle.

Zennia Pecina, a registered nurse at DPHSS, said they are staffing the airport 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

“Right now we have enough Certified Nurse Assistants, but we will be getting nurses in to make sure there is staff 24/7. That is the plan,” she said.