NWS: Extreme to exceptional drought continues for the CNMI


Very dry conditions continue across the Marianas despite the passage of several tropical upper tropospheric trough (TUTT) cells, according to the most recent drought statement from the National Weather Service in Tiyan.

These westward-moving upper-level disturbances have passed near or just north of Saipan, triggering some showers across Saipan and Tinian, but still below average rainfall has been received.

Farther south, Guam has seen a couple days with island-effect convection, generating afternoon showers and thunderstorms.

However, easterlies were just enough to push this weather offshore to the west, allowing for below-average rainfall over the island.


Rainfall remains below adequate for Guam and the CNMI despite TUTT cells passing near Saipan and island-effect thunderstorms near Guam.

Little change is expected in the next couple weeks with much-needed deep tropical moisture keeping well to the south. 10-day rainfall totals for Guam and the CNMI are consistent around 1.5 inches.

Officials across the CNMI report water levels are still above  thresholds for concern.

Favorable upper-level conditions and/or island-effect convection with light winds will be key to locally higher rainfall in the coming weeks. Otherwise, a relatively dry pattern will persist across the Marianas.

Agricultural & Wildfire impacts

Agricultural impacts still persist across the northern Marshall Islands and the CNMI.

The wildfire risk is still high across Tinian and Saipan.

Marshall Islands:

Residents of Kapingamarangi report household water tanks are around 25% capacity.

Residents of Wotje in the Marshall Islands report water tanks around 50% capacity.

Summary of Impacts:

D4 Exceptional short and long-term drought
Mariana Islands: Saipan and Tinian

D3 Extreme short and long-term drought
Republic of the Marshall Islands: Wotje and Utirik
Mariana islands: Rota and the northern CNMI.

D2 Severe short-term drought
Pohnpei State: Kapingamarangi

D1 Moderate short- and/or long-term drought
Republic of the Marshall Islands: Kwajalein
Mariana Islands: Guam