NWS: Heavy Rain Thru 8 pm TONIGHT


Guam – The National Weather Service is warning that a large area of showers has developed south-east of Guam which will bring periods of heavy rain to the island through 8 pm TONIGHT [Wednesday].

The NWS predicts that between  1 and 2 inches of rain is expected.

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The rumble of thunder will also be heard in the heaviest showers.

That will cause reduced visibility and create ponding of water on roadways, particularly along Marina Drive near Polaris Point which is vulnerable to flooding.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution.

through 800 pm...a large area of showers has developed over and 
to the southeast of guam. as a result...additional rainfall of 1 to
2 inches is expected. ponding of water will occur on roads.
locations such as marine drive near polaris point will be vulnerable
to flooding. motorists need to exercise caution for reduced
visibilities in heavy rainfall. a rumble of thunder will be possible
in the heaviest showers.

if you will be driving...be alert for low visibilities and ponding
of water on roads in poor drainage areas.