NWS Says High Surf To Continue Through Thursday


Guam – A high surf advisory was put out at four pm on Saturday afternoon this new years day. So what is the cause of all this extremely high surf along the Western and Northern coasts of Guam?



National Weather Service forecaster Carl Mcelroy says large swells from the northwest are being caused by a cold front that moved off of Japan a few days prior to the new year. This cold front generated a lot of strong winds between Japan and the CNMI. These winds combined with the new moon which causes higher than normal tides also known as spring tides has resulted in some dangerously high surf.

 “I think we’ve seen the very highest waves the first part of this event but then as the week progresses the surf will gradually subside but it’s still expected to remain above advisory heights until Thursday,” explained Mcelroy. Mcelroy advises everyone to stay out of the surf until their high surf advisory ends.