Typhoon Halong no threat to the Marianas


Typhoon Halong (24W) Advisory Number 6
National Weather Service Tiyan GU
702 AM ChST Mon Nov 4 2019

Summary of 7AM ChST Information

-Location…17.0N 153.3E

About 615 miles east-northeast of Guam
About 520 miles east-northeast of Saipan
About 765 miles north-northwest of Pohnpei

Maximum sustained winds…75 mph
Present movement…northwest…325 degrees at 12 mph


At 7AM Monday Nov. 4 the center of Typhoon Halong was located near Latitude 17.0 degrees North and Longitude 153.3 degrees East. Halong is moving northwest at 12 mph. It is expected to maintain this general course with a slight decrease in forward speed over the next 24 hours.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to 75 mph. Halong is forecast to intensify through Wednesday.

Typhoon force winds extend outward from the center up to 5 miles.

Tropical storm force winds extend outward from the center up to 175 miles to the east and up to 100 miles to the west.

The next scheduled advisory will be issued by the National Weather Service at 2PM ChST this afternoon.