OAG available for questions about stimulus check child support garnishments


As stimulus checks continue rolling out on Guam, the questions around child support garnishments continue to pop up.

Child support is the only garnishment allowed under the CARES Act for the one-time economic impact payment (EIP) checks.

Andrew Perez, the Deputy Attorney General at the Child Support Enforcement Division, spoke to K57’s Patti Arroyo on June 3, Wednesday morning.

He says they’re steadily receiving information for garnishments from Rev and Tax.

Perez says anyone with questions about their specific situation should contact the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) directly.

He says they’ve implemented COVID precautions and residents will not have to interact face-to-face with caseworkers.

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“We are taking walk-ins now, more walk-ins. If people are concerned with our safety measures, we have set up video conferencing rooms, where if they walk in, they can meet with their assigned caseworker via video conference,” Perez said.

He added: “I think the best way to contact us, is to email our office. We have an email account specifically for the public to contact us, it’s childsupport@oagguam.org.”

Perez says states work together to ensure child support is received by the custodial parent.

He says even if the non-custodial parent lives off-island, the IRS will be able to garnish their arrears and send it to Guam.