OAG Child Support Enforcement Division Passes Audit


Guam –  The mission of the Child Support Enforcement Division is to collect and timely distribute child support payments; locate non-custodial parents; establish paternity; establish and enforce child and medical support orders; review and modify child support orders; and recover welfare benefits paid out on behalf of children.
Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas is very pleased to announce that he recently received a letter from the Commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement congratulating him for Guam’s successful passing of the FY2009 Data Reliability Audit (DRA) and for achieving the appropriate Paternity Establishment Percentage (PEP) level.  Previous years audits resulted in penalties to Guam’s State Family Assistance Grant (SFAG) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) grant.   Guam will no longer be subject to such penalties and avoided a penalty that could have been as high as $173,275.00.

The Child Support Enforcement Division passed the DRA in FY2006; however, it did not achieve the required 2% to 6% improvement in PEP level.  This is the first time since the DRA began in 2001 that Guam not only passed the DRA, but also achieved the appropriate PEP level.  As a result of passing the audit, Guam will share in an incentive payment pool which is shared among the 54 IV-D jurisdictions.

“I attribute the passing of the FY2009 DRA to the diligent work of the employees of the Child Support Enforcement Division,” stated Deputy Attorney General Barbara P. Cepeda. “Without their hard work and dedication to the mission, this could not have been achieved.  Congratulations to them!

Attorney General Rapadas also added his congratulations to the Child Support Enforcement Division staff.  “This is a tribute to their many hours of service for our children and families,” said Rapadas.