OAG Hosts Environmental Enforcement Training

Office of the Attorney General of Guam

The Office of the Attorney General has been hosting training with experts from the Mainland that focused on environmental enforcement and regulation.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

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This online training will feature 5 different sessions and started off talking about broad topics to very specific information.

The sessions have and will continue to cover topics including requirements for an effective environmental regulatory program; building a strong enforcement case; approaching enforcement of federal activities, and navigating the settlement process to achieve desired remedies or public policy outcomes.

And although the presenters were from the Mainland, they have experienced issues that are common to Guam according to the AG.

Agencies that were part of this training included the Department of Agriculture,Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Guam State Historic Preservation Office, Guam Power Authority, Guam Waterworks Authority, the University of Guam and more.

According to the AG although past offenders and violators were not in attendance, he knows that many people want them to be held accountable and learn and that at some point they will talk to the business community and those engaging in construction projects to know the correct process and what the expectations are even if they may not like it, but at least they know everyone will be treated fairly.

GEPA administrator Walter S. Leon Guerrero states, “By providing this valuable training resource to the government of Guam, we are confident in AG Camacho’s efforts in strengthening our regulatory oversight, improving our interaction with the regulated community and preserving due process whenever enforcement action is taken against those who violate our environmental statutes.”

Our land and water are our legacy and as a private attorney AG Leevin T. Camacho was part of protecting that legacy and he’s happy to continue that work as the attorney general.

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