OAG: Shu Liu Found Guilty of Misdemeanor Assault, Family Violence


September 19, 2013, Tamuning, Guam-Shu Liu was convicted yesterday by a Superior Court Jury of family violence and assault, both as misdemeanors.
Last November, Shu went to the residence of her victim to use the dryer located outside of his apartment. After discovering that she could not use the dryer because the victim had turned off the breaker, Shu confronted him and demanded to know why the victim had changed the locks and turned off the breaker. Shu then snatched the victim’s keys in an attempt to get into the apartment and then proceeded to bite the victim on his arm.

“Violence is never the answer, whether you are a man or a woman.  I believe that the jury sent this message to the defendant… that it is not okay to inflict injury upon another out of anger,” said Assistant Attorney General Christine Tenorio.

“I want to thank the jury for ensuring that justice was served in this case,” she continued.

Shu is scheduled to be sentenced on October 1, 2013, where she faces up to 2 years imprisonment.