Obama FY ’17 Budget Boosts OIA, Some Guam Funding


The President is asking Congress for some $79-million in Section 30 funds for Guam.

Washington-President Obama’s final budget request to Congress seeks nearly $653-million for the territories and Freely Associated States…and includes some funding increases for Guam.



 The President is asking Congress for some $79-million in Section 30 funds for Guam, to cover federal tax payments from active-duty military and federal retirees.

 That’s up from $71-million the administration requested for Guam Section 30 funding last year. The payments go for public safety, health care, education and other services.

 The request also includes some $33-million for Compact Impact grants to Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Marianas and Hawaii to pay for local costs incurred by increased demands due to FAS migrants. Guam’s share is just shy of $17-million.

 Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo was not immediately available to comment, but issued a statement that she’s “particularly pleased” the Office of Insular Affairs seeks to maintain current Compact Impact funding.

 The administration last year proposed cutting discretionary Compact aid by more than half—a cut strongly opposed by Bordallo and Governor Eddie Calvo—and one that Bordallo fought successfully to reverse in Congress.

 The White House also requests in its FY ’17 budget, $1-million for the Coral Reef Initiative and $5.5 million in island technical assistance.

There’s some $3-million for Brown Tree Snake eradication…$4-million for public school maintenance…$5-million for sustainable energy efforts…and a fixed, $27.7 million for capital improvements throughout the US islands.

 The FY ‘17 budget request includes $262 million in payments to the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands to promote greater economic and budgetary self-reliance.

 The President’s overall OIA request of nearly $653-million is up from $644-million last year.