Obama Signs Political Status Education Bill Into Law


Guam – President Barack Obama has signed  H.R. 3940 into law. The measure includes a provision that clarifies Congressional intent that the Secretary of the Interior has the authority and obligation to facilitate political status education programs.

The bill was introduced by Congresswoman Madeliene Bordallo in her role as Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans, and Wildlife, and was sent to the President late last night by a vote of 386 yeas to 5 noes.

In a release, Bordallo is quoted as saying that: “I commend President Obama for his swift action in signing H.R. 3940 into law.  The Obama Administration, local leaders, and indigenous rights groups on Guam have all expressed their support of this bill.  With H.R. 3940 now law, I will work to ensure that Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta and the Department of the Interior fulfill Congressional intent and provide federal funds for a political status education program on Guam.”