Somerfleck: DMHSA Plan of Action “Deeply Flawed”


Guam – The Attorney that launched the lawsuit against the Guam Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse that resulted in the appointment of a Federal Management Team to oversee improvements to the troubled Department, has now filed a series of strong objections to the very plan devised by the Federal Managers.

In a report filed Monday with the District Court, Attorney Daniel Somerfleck writes that the “Plan of Action” devised by Federal Managers Dr. James Kiffer and Jim Casey, “appears to take away the successes recently obtained in improving and seeking to improve the quality of care in the residential group homes and displacing it with a system [of] segregated care that has been dysfunctional and thoroughly discredited.”

Read the objections to the DMHSA Plan of Action              

The report faults the Federal Managers “for not affording consumers [DMHSA patients] the opportunity to provide input” to the Plan of Action they devised and the District Court has already approved.

“The Plan was concieved and drafted in great secrecy,” writes Somerfleck, “with what can only be  described as a deliberate intent to keep consumers in the dark until all drafting had been completed.”

He concludes that the decision by the Federal Managers to exclude the Plaintiff and consumers from the process of drafting  the plan makes the Plan “a deeply flawed instrument.”

Somerfleck’s report to the Court is based on input gathered from 19 people a week ago last Saturday when he collected oral and written responses from the community on the Plan of Action.