OCEANIA TV: Palau Declares State of Emergency in Wake of Super Typhoon Bopha


Palau – Oceania TV in Palau is reporting that President Johnson Toribiong has declared a State of Emergency in the wake of Super Typhoon Bopha.

President Toribiong cited what he called the “catastrophic destruction” brought on by the storm.

According to the report, a State of Emergency allows the President to assume legislative powers for up to 10 days without legislative consent. And President Toribiong immediately used that power to appropriated $5 million dollars for disaster relief.

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Although there has been no loss of life or serious injury, Toribiong is quoted by Oceania TV as saying that “the winds and storm surge” resulted in “scores of people … rendered homeless for the foreseeable future.”

Palau’s capital Koror is serving as a shelter for a number of people who have been made homeless by the storm.

The worst damage occured along the east coast of  Babeldoab, Palau’s largest island. The southern outlying islands of Anguar and Peleliu also have suffered extensive damage.

Power, water and sewer service remains disrupted and has not been fully restored since the eye of Bopha passed south of Palau Sunday night.

The U.S. Navy and USAID have arrived in Palau and they are providing some emergency assistance at this time. [photo courtesy OCEANIA TV]