October 27 is last day for filing weekly online unemployment claims; GDOL batches $1.35M

GDOL Director David Dell'Isola (PNC file photo)

Guam Department of Labor director David Dell’Isola reiterated Wednesday that they will be turning off the weekly online unemployment claim filing on October 27.

“The online weekly claim filing will be turned off. So anybody with any outstanding claims, file them before Oct. 27. That way, even if you have an issue, we can still address it,” Dell’Isola said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

He added: “Because after that date, we can come in and fix it and correct it, but we can’t file it for you. So if you didn’t file your last two, three weeks after the 27th, then it’s gone. But if you did file it and you had a problem. We will still be able to go in and say okay, yes, you did your job searches, and you did this, you did that … we can fix it.”

On Tuesday, Dell’Isola said they were able to batch claims and the total amount continues to drop.

Tuesday’s total batch was $1.35 million, with PUA comprising $645,000, FPUC comprising $682,000, LWA was only $15,000 and taxes was $113,000.

“So you can see that we have been very aggressive in getting everybody caught up to date. And, you know, the program has been paying very quickly and easily. As you can see with the numbers, as soon as we passed that deadline of September, 4 things very quickly picked up and we continue to aggressively fix claimants with issues, and we’ll keep doing that until we get everything done,” Dell’Isola assured.