Guam’s Catholic Schools Join the Campaign Against School Bullying


Guam – Guam’s Catholic Schools will join the national and international community tomorrow [Wednesday] in a bullying prevention campaign.

Superintendent of Guam Catholic Schools,  Cynthia Agbulos, has called students, parents, faculty and staff to unite to raise awareness and support the  bullying prevention campaign.

The island’s Catholic school children will joined thousands of others around the world to send the message that people everywhere care about this issue.

The students will take a pledge to speak up, reach out, and be a friend when they see bullying occur. 

Father Andre Eduvala of Mercy Heights Nursery and Kindergarten School will bring his students together at the Sister Roberta Center in Perezville between 9:30 am and 10:30 am Wednesday morning to listen to speakers talk about the harm of bullying and to create a greeting card with a positive message to give to other students who are facing bullying.  

And Saint Anthony’s Catholic School students will attend the anti-bullying assembly at 12:30 p.m. hosted by the school’s campus ministry club which will include an “anti-bullying skit” and testimonials by guest speakers.

The campaign against bullying started a day early at San Vicente Catholic School where today [Tuesday] the school discussed the signs of bullying and its effects on the lives of  those who are being bullied.  

No one child should have to fear going to school.

for more information:

Father Andre Eduvala:  646-1185 or 488-7080

Superintendent Cynthia Agbulos:  472-6116

Volunteer Marilyn Manibusan (Project Co-ordinator) 483-3044