October is national cyber security awareness month


The month of October is national cyber security awareness month and on Friday Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio signed a proclamation last week to kick off the month.

Guam – The Lt. Governor says that there are common steps we can all take to improve cyber security. He says it’s not only about having a process and a system to keep computers and their networks secure but also respecting that process across every office, every computer and every desk. Tenorio says its vital to maintain the island’s cyber security especially in the face of potential cyber threats from countries like North Korea, China and Russia. Cyber threats are now one of the most serious threats to national security.


Guam Homeland Security Advisor George Charfarous reiterated the importance of Cyber security saying, “Cyber security is one of the top three priorities of myself. The first one being the drug issue that we face, the second one is cyber security and lastly is transnational criminal organizations. We need to fight that fight and make sure that we win. Thank you once again and please change your password.”


National cyber security awareness month was created via a collaboration between the government and the cyber security industry.